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She works with production design and 3D Design. Lynn’s work explores digital and visual storytelling. And juxtaposes reality and imagination. Her CV includes short films, theatre shows, VR video games, immersive experiences.


Lynn has experience with Set Design-Building, Prop Making, Costume Design-Making and Lighting Design. Her software knowledge covers 3D Modeling-Animation, Spatial Design, Game Design, Graphic Design and Video Editing, Compose. She has especially high skill in Sketchup, Maya, Unreal Engine 4, Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office and Logic Pro.

She also speaks three language, Japanese, Mandarin, English. Hers work has expanded with her broad knowledge beyond culture and subject.



The Gate: Chapter X-13 ‘The Descendent’, is part of an interconnected set of collaborative project.

It directly relates to and builds on the themes explored in my Major Study, Which is including storytelling and alternative, participatory performance methods, in particular, how audiences can be involved in controlling a part of the narrative.

Also it corresponds to one chapter from a larger project in progress that takes the form an entire immersive cinematic experience, which in simple terms can be described as an epic adventure. 

The creative challenges of the CSM Alive project will involve conveying the sense of a physical journey over some distance within the confines of a 6m x 16m stage, and also creating ‘magical’ effects with limited technology.

This performance incorporates a key part of a larger epic narrative. The concept of this scene is based on Merging several Ancient Notion. "Yin Yang(太極)', "Infinity Mirror(あわせ鏡)", "The Tree of Life(世界樹)".

The aim of this performance is to break down the wall between the stage and the auditorium and allow the audience to experience the action on the stage itself and in this way have a feeling in the magic and excitement. 

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